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Pomeranian Artist Anselm Bonies Unveils New Body of Work

November 15, 2010
Pomeranian Artist, Anselm Bonies

Anselm Bonies

After recovering from a selling-spree that left him with 99% of his art inventory sold, Pomeranian abstract artist Anselm Bonies has been back in the studio creating a new, fresh body of work that will undoubtedly please his ever-growing group of buyers and collectors.

Creating and then selling over 50 original abstract paintings over the course of just a few months would leave any seasoned art professional a bit tuckered. But Anslem Bonies is back with a vengeance, unveiling a new series of work, that in this curator’s opinion, takes the artist to an entirely different level.

His new pieces are bigger, bolder, more refined and come with a significantly higher price tag. Given that Anselm has catered primarily to corporate and office art buyers, it will be interesting to see how his new work and higher prices are received.

So far, Anselm has made just three new pieces available in his gallery – with many more promised over the coming weeks. We have included images of these pieces below.

Waiting Woman - Abstract wall object by Anselm Bonies

"Waiting Woman" by Anselm Bonies

Body Index IX Girlfriend by Anselm Bonies

"Body Index IX Girlfriend" by Anselm Bonies

Thing big - Faith & Hope by Anselm Bonies

"Thing Big - Faith & Hope" by Anselm Bonies

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