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New Paintings from Las Vegas Artist Niki Sands

November 22, 2010

Artist, Niki Sands

Artist Niki Sands is a masterful painter. Her work represents some of the most important Contemporary Fine Art today. Unbelievably, Sands is a self-taught artist – remarkable given the complexity and maturity of her compelling paintings.

Her pieces are rich in color and are born of the artist’s continual experimentation with various styles and techniques.

Niki works with both oils and acrylics to create her passion-filled, wonderful work. Niki’s art is collected throughout the United States, as well as Canada and Europe.

Her artwork is unusual, beautiful, cutting-edge and highly collectible. Interior Designers…take notice. Your clients will love you for introducing Niki Sands to their projects.

Niki’s work can be seen and purchased in her gallery on


Kaliopi by Niki Sands

Artful Love by Niki Sands

Juntemente by Niki Sands


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  1. Digamber Narse permalink
    April 1, 2014 5:44 am

    This is to inform you sir,
    I am deaf and dumb from birth, My Father’s (late) name is Mr. Gurudas A. Narse, I am the youngest in the family, My age is 44 years old.

    I have not been to school I but have been painting and drawing and also work I from a young age.

    Digamber Narse
    House by Artist of Signboards, Plates etc.

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