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Popular Welsh Artist, Goff Danter, Now Offering Limited Edition Prints of His Sold-Out Paintings

November 10, 2010

Goff Danter

Prolific and extremely popular Welsh artist Goff Danter is now making many of his paintings available as limited edition prints – just 50 prints per painting.

Goff is in a very unusual position as an artist. Due to popularity, his work has steadily risen in value and continues to do so. New paintings are eagerly anticipated by an avid group of collectors and enthusiasts, regularly being sold out within a day or even hours.

Many now regard Goff Danter’s paintings as sound investment opportunities for the future, and clamor for his originals.

Supply of Goff’s originals is limited, due to high demand. In order to offer his customers selection, he constantly provides a diverse range of images and subjects to cater for a wide range of collectors.

We are honored to have the opportunity to market and sell a terrific selection of Goff Danter limited edition prints on And given that Goff’s originals sell in the mid to upper thousands of dollars, we think it absolutely amazing that Goff is offering his high-quality, limited edition prints to the rest of us for just around $100.

Here are just a few samples of what is now available from artist Goff Danter. To see the full collection of prints, please visit Goff’s gallery on


In the Backroom by Goff Danter

In the Backroom, by Goff Danter

Big Step by Goff Danter

Big Step, by Goff Danter

Hot Dogs by Goff Danter

Hot Dogs, by Goff Danter





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