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Meet the Boss

Brian Walker, The Man Behind the Mission

Brian Walker loves his job. In fact, he’ll tell you that he’s absolutely certain some sort of good Karma brought him to this role, because it’s a role he’s prepared to fill his entire life.

Early in his career, Brian was privileged to work up-close and personal with touring rock stars. His parents’ very successful record label and concert promotion company gave him a rare opportunity to work directly with highly talented performers, writers and musicians and to observe the creative process first hand.

His own work as a musician and artist gave Brian an even deeper understanding of art and artists. He has personally taken “a ride on the emotional roller coaster”, along with many other artists and photographers, who create work to put it “out there” to the masses.

Brian’s exposure to art and artists continued in his public broadcasting career where he Directed on-air talent, graphic and fine artists and managed the creative process in program development, promotion and advertising. His experience in marketing, advertising, promotion, campaign analysis and strategy prepared him further to meet the challenge of selling original, fine art and photography- in a world where mass-produced, department store art has ruled for far too long.

With, Brian feels he’s come full circle. Working with established and emerging artists from all over the world is pure joy for him, and a privilege that he never takes for granted. He loves interacting with amazingly talented artists and he works hard to promote their artwork and to attract motivated art buyers to each artist’s gallery on

For Brian, running is a labor of love that a lifetime of being close to art and artists has prepared him to perform. Life is good when your job changes from going to work, to living your passion.

Brian is always available and eager to chat with both artists and art lovers.


Direct Toll-Free: (877) 711-1167

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  1. April 20, 2010 12:18 pm

    To my fellow artists, whatever your discipline, painting, photography, sculpture, mixed media…

    I’m surprised that I’m the first to comment on this page.
    I have to say that joining was the single best business decision I’ve ever made with regard to selling my art. The article about Brian Walker, is not just a lot of sales talk about “a man with a mission”.

    I have had the pleasure of speaking to Brian on the phone several times. He once called me to remind me to attach keywords to a painting I had just posted, so it would be more likely to be included in a search. This is not just another internet site trying to make a buck selling your art on the web. It is a group of people, headed by Brian, who are second only to you in caring about and promoting your art.

    Times are tough, especially for artists. In my opinion, if there’s only one place you can afford to invest in to help you sell your art, this is it.

    Stephen Shub

  2. Nicholas Bell permalink
    April 26, 2010 8:23 pm

    Having only been with discovered artists a short time, I can say without a doubt that this is a unique and exceptional service. Much of my time I used to spend trying to market my work, and discover new ways to market my work is now spent creating. 100% impressed ! Cheers to Brian and his staff.

    Nicholas Bell


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