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A Great Example of “The Right Way” to Present Your Photography Online

April 6, 2010 Brand

Buying photography online still has a ways to go in terms of being a mainstream activity. For one, many people still wrongly assume that just because they own a camera they can produce whatever a professional fine art photographer is capturing with his or her lens. Wrong! It’s not as easy as it looks, folks.

But perhaps even more important is the fact that buyers need a bit of help visualizing what a piece might look like in their home or office. Seeing a fine art photograph online can present a visual challenge for many – some people still assume that they need to see a piece in person before they’d ever consider actually buying it . Of course, given that I own and operate an online art gallery, I completely disagree with this premise.

Regardless, it is critically important for photographers to help buyers visualize a piece in its final form – namely hanging on the walls of their condo or office.

Photographer Robert Tolchin understands this. Immediately below is the way you will see Robert’s “Best of All, It’s a Cadillac” floating around the gallery on

"Best Of All, It's a Cadillac" by Robert Tolchin

Now, take a look at the additional image Robert has added to accompany the “raw” piece. This is a wonderful example of how to present your photography online: one image that shows the photograph in its raw form, another demonstrating what the piece looks like matted and framed. Perfecto!

"Best Of All, It's a Cadillac" by Robert Tolchin



Brian Walker, Owner An Exclusive Online Art Gallery

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