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March 2, 2010

Goff Danter is in a very unusual position as an artist. Due to popularity, his work has steadily risen in value and continues to do so.

New paintings are eagerly anticipated by an avid group of collectors and enthusiasts, regularly being sold out within a day or even hours.

Many now regard these paintings as sound investment opportunities for the future, and clamour for his originals. In order to cater for the needs of a much wider audience and to demonstrate the diversity of his skills, Goff’s paintings include nostalgic Welsh landscape, industrial and fairground art.

A selected limited edition range of his work is published by leading fine art publishers Senecio Editions of Oxford, UK. Supply of Goff’s originals is limited, due to demand or private commissions. They are available on a strictly ‘first come’ basis, due to an ever increasing waiting list. Inclusion in any exhibition, therefore, needs to be planned in advance in order that work can be made available as required.


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