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February 23, 2010's Paint by Music Series LogoThis is the second in our series of music mixes produced for visual artists to paint by!

You can either play the mix directly here on our blog, or click the “download” button to copy the mix to your computer hard drive and burn your own CD to be played anywhere!

This is a continual mix of music produced in the “DJ style”. Each song seamlessly flows together, allowing for an hour of uninterrupted music to create by…

Mix Title: Paint by Music Vol. 2
Total Run Time: 1 hour 12 minutes and 47 seconds
Total Tracks: 15
Predominant Music Genre(s): Ambient, Chill, Electronica,
Keywords Describing Mix: Peaceful Groove, Moody, Calming, Ambient, Chill, Ethereal, Dream-Like, Instrumental
Possible Painting Themes: Abstract, Figurative Abstraction, Landscape, Surrealism, Portraits

To hear Paint by Music Vol. 1, please click here:

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