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“Composed” by Australian artist, Jennie Rosenbaum. Small 10×12 oil on canvas, contemporary nude. Bronze hues.

February 8, 2010

Link to Piece:

Composed is the first in a new series exploring visible light. these figures are bathed in beams of light that reach around them, almost tangible in their caress.

Jennie Rosenbaum specializes in nude artworks and life drawing, with a twist. no live models are used in the creation of her artwork.

Using 3D modeling, Jennie morphs, textures and poses her figures then lights them, creating realistic renders that she then uses as a reference in her paintings and drawings.

She starts out with a rough sketch, then shapes her model to look exactly as she sees in her mind’s eye. by using 3D modeling, Jennie is able to have complete control over the model’s look, complex lighting and angles that wouldn’t be available in a conventional studio. She often spends hours getting the angle on a light exactly right to ensure a shadow falls in exactly the right way.

This piece is Oils on Canvas painted in Jennie’s signature ochre technique using layered washes and strategic removal of paint to create a wonderful three dimensional look and a strong emotional feel. The light is glazed in traditional oil painting technique so that it glows and leaps off the canvas. This piece is so rich and warm with a lot of depth and subtlety, sweeping curves and beautiful soft lines.

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