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“Peace” by Miami artist,Kurt Merkel. 54×42 heavily textured,Mixed-Media: Polished aluminum, acrylic on Birch Veneer.

February 4, 2010

Link to Piece:

The character for ‘Peace’ illustrates
a vital principal in classical Chinese thought –
the principal of balance between opposing forces.

When there is equilibrium among humans,
then nature and the heavens are balanced,
and peace prevails.

The character can also be interpreted
to represent a balance of power:
Equal shields on either side lead to peace.

Heavily textured, Mixed-Media: Polished aluminum, acrylic, polycrylic on Birch Veneer.

This painting is one of the first in my Waterfall Series. Water is representative of infinite time, never ceasing to flow. The Waterfall is visible via the heavily textured, clear gloss polycrylic… adding a very real sense to an otherwise Surreal painting.

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