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Now Featuring Professional Digital Artist Alexander Sutulov on the Homepage

January 5, 2010

It has been Alexander Sutulov’s life pursuit to commit and offer the public access to “real art”, meaning that his or her experience can be made tangible, not from a far away museum or an unaffordable gallery, but rather a direct and intimate relationship.

For this purpose he has conceived a way of making original fine art limited editions accessible through the internet so new generations may have a reference amongst other talented digital artists, the possibility to become involved in a learning process in order to heighten visual thinking capabilities.

Considering Sutulov’s background, where his training encompasses a vast experience in all form of media such as drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture, his digital artwork constitutes a synthesis of his entire previous endeavor in addition to the new challenges established by digital media.

At close observation, Alexander’s work can be recognized in its richness of surface and most important, the achievement and mastery of a technique where its attempt in any other media would be virtually impossible. The true value of his work relies on this fact where combined with state of the arts printing technology, the result is an authentic work of art.

To view all of Alexander Sutulov’s work currently for sale on, please visit:

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