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Now Featuring Las Vegas Artist, Joni Max, on the Homepage of

December 12, 2009

Joni Max studied fine art at the University of Nevada. She also attended the Jeanette O’Neil School of Decorative Arts in San Francisco. After attending college, she was a graphic artist for ten years in various advertising agencies and magazines located in Northern Nevada and the Bay Area.

Joni has been painting, sculpting, faux finishing, and using many other mediums ever since she was a small child. Joni moved to Las Vegas in 1997 with her wonderful husband and beloved pets. Joni travels extensively with her entertainer husband, Max Clever, and their five little dogs, cockatoos, and bunny.

While on the road, she is lucky to have the chance to work intensively on her art. “They can mean anything to anyone. That’s important to me.” Joni paints the downtrodden, the passionate, the desperate, sometimes happy-without-reason people of the world. They are interesting and important. To her as an artist. Her work is available on this site and can be purchased for $1,195 up to $10,500.

Please visit Joni’s gallery on


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