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Four Reasons Why Everyone Should Buy Fine Art Photography For Their Home and Office

November 23, 2009

Fine Art photography is an essential part of both home and office decor. If you don’t currently have photography as part of your interior design… we’ll, you’re quite simply not doing it right.

Not having fine art photographs interspersed along with other works of art throughout your home is like pasta without sauce; shoes without socks; salt without pepper – you get the idea.

Here are four reasons why everyone should buy and display Fine Art photography in their homes and offices:

1. Fine Art photography is less expensive than traditional artwork (paintings and sculpture), but has equal artistic impact in room design.

2. Fine Art photographs allow the owner, you, an endless supply of alternatives in terms of framing options. A frame is just as much a part of the piece as the photograph itself. Pick one that truly suits the piece and your taste.

3. The available subject matter in Fine Art photography far out-weighs that of its artistic brethren, paintings. Sky’s the limit in photography. If a photographer can capture it on film, you can own it, no matter the subject.

4. Owning Fine Art photography is like setting a new trend in your neighborhood. Many people have yet to catch onto the “coolness” associated with displaying photography as part of a design scheme. Be a trend setter. Buy some photography. You won’t be sorry.

Here’s an example of how Fine Art photography can really make a room. It’s the perfect focal point!

View more of Eric Kellerman’s work

View more of Scott Udstuen’s work

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  1. March 5, 2010 5:41 pm

    A great article, thanks for sharing! I’ll certainly pass it on to friends and clients. We all need a little push sometimes when it comes to purchasing Fine Art, but it is so crucial to a strong collection, and really adding warmth and character to your space.


  1. Four Reasons Why Everyone Should Own Fine Art Photography. «
  2. Four Reasons Why Everyone Should Buy Fine Art Photography For Their Home and Office «

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