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Love to Entertain at Home? These Paintings are Sure-Fire Conversation Starters.

November 22, 2009

You and your guests will never run out of things to say when you fill your home with interesting and unique works of art.

Cityscapes and landscapes from around the world, collage pieces that express political ideas, paintings or photographs of famous people and places… all are excellent fodder for conversation.

Plus, intricate botanical paintings, extraordinary still lifes and fabulously complicated abstracts can stimulate conversation and ideas about the artist’s skill, technique and overall precision of their work.

And, what’s more is that when your home is filled with artwork that expresses ideas, color, spirit and beauty it becomes a reflection of you and is an insight into your interests and taste.  So, choose carefully – and then let art carry on the conversation for you.

Here are a few ideas:

Northwest City by Angus  Macpherson

Manhattan by Robert Craig

Northwest City
By: Angus Macpherson
By: Robert Craig

In Field by William Barron

Abstract Thought 505 by Theo Dapore

In Field
By: William Barron
Abstract Thought 505
By: Theo Dapore

Joe Delesandro Tryptich by Clive Arrowsmith

Silent Star (LEP) by Tracie Koziura
Joe Delesandro Tryptich
By: Clive Arrowsmith
Silent Star (LEP)
By: Tracie Koziura
Alone at night by Joachim Mcmillan
Alone at night
By: Joachim Mcmillan
Wearing Someone Else's Clothes by Elizabeth  Peveto
Flemenco 09 by Tom Bund
Wearing Someone Else’s Clothes
By: Elizabeth Peveto
Flemenco 09
By: Tom Bund
Wooten's Field by Garry McMichael
Wooten’s Field
By: Garry McMichael
Lotus In July by John Lautermilch
Lotus In July
By: John Lautermilch

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