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Watch Out For Matchy-Matchy in Your Home’s Art Décor

November 21, 2009

This is one place where the guys have it right:

They’re not into “matchy-matchy” like some ladies.  And, when it comes to home décor … matchy-matchy is definitely boring-boring.

So, resist the urge to match colors, themes – even styles of the artwork you display in your home or office.  A little bit of color coordination is okay … but color matching can blend into oblivion.  So, a little bit of mixing it up – similar to walking through a gallery – adds interest and excitement to your home or office.

Here are a few ideas … which combination of work would you choose?

> View Giorgio Tuscani’s Work

> View Dan Leffel’s Work

> View Xiao Tse’s Work

> View Troy Ziel’s Work

> View Marcia Treiger’s Work

> View Kostadin Kostov’s Work

> View Pol Ledent’s Work

> View Lisa Carney’s Work


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