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Now featuring British Contemporary Impressionist, Marcus Krackowizer, on the homepage of

November 18, 2009

I am a British artist living in the UK although you can see a lot of influences from my travels, especial Budapest and Thailand. I started painting full-time 4 years ago and am finding my style creating more impressionist paintings. All my paintings are oil on canvas.

Many years ago I broke my neck although the limited use of my hands has little effect on the ideas I want to develop. For many of my paintings I only use palette knives although occasionally I get the brushes out. I enjoy the speed and impulse required for palette knives.

In addition to the original paintings, I publish full and half sized prints in a Limited Edition of 5 and 20 respectively. If the painting is really big I’ll publish 10 mid-sized prints as well. All my prints are Giclee printed on canvas and then stretched over a wooden frame. I then apply thick, clear acrylic to the print so it catches the light and deepens the color creating a very authentic and unique result each time.

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  1. Paul Perera permalink
    February 5, 2010 3:58 pm

    Marcus, fantastic to see your doing well – it must be time to catch up – do let us know where we can visit your gallery.

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