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Fine Art Figurative Sculptor, Jeff Tritel

November 10, 2009

large_jeffCalifornia-based sculptor, Jeff Tritel, did not embark upon his lifelong passion – sculpting – until the age of eighteen.

At the time he was enrolled in college, majoring in mathematics. His artist roommate was involved in the process of copying a masterpiece as an assignment. Jeff’s argument began with:  “Can’t you do something original?”

As the argument heated up, the roommate finally stated, “If you think it’s so easy, let’s see you try it!” Jeff immediately went to the art supply store, bought a large quantity of clay and began work on a self-portrait.  He was hooked!  He immediately changed his major to art and ultimately graduated from the University of California with a BA in fine art and a BFA in sculpture.

His work mainly reflects a figurative medium and he often draws from fantasy, mythology and psychology for his subject matter.

Tritel has received numerous awards as well as extensive media coverage. His painstaking precision and thought which he dedicates to each piece has earned him recognition from the California Art Review, Encyclopedia of Living Artists, and Artist’s Market.

To see more of Jeff’s work and to purchase, please visit his gallery on

The Law by Jeff Tritel
Field of Infinite Possibilities by Jeff Tritel
The Law
10 ” x 16“
US $4500
Field of Infinite Possibilities
12 ” x 18“
US $3000
Connections by Jeff Tritel
Violinist II by Jeff Tritel
16” x 26.5“
US $3100
Violinist II
14” x 25“
US $9000
Battle of Wills by Jeff Tritel
Perseverance by Jeff Tritel
Battle of Wills
9 ” x 11“
US $2900
14 ” x 9.5“
US $2900
Aspirations by Jeff Tritel
Partners by Jeff Tritel
13 ” x 23.5“
US $16000
14 ” x 17“
US $3800

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