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The Paintings of Belgium Artist, Pol Ledent

October 24, 2009

large_aaaabsArtist Pol Ledent was born in Wallonie, Belgium, the French-speaking part of the country. He created his first painting in 1989. Initially, Pol only worked in watercolors, but rapidly discovered that oils would help him progress more quickly in the search for “light” in his paintings.

His eclectic and extensive body of work is a visual explosion of contemporary oil and watercolor on canvas. Painting some five to six hours per day, Ledent has an inherent need to create.

He is driven by an unseen force that has blessed him with the ability to paint wonderfully dynamic, compelling and awe-inspiring pieces of artwork. Quite remarkably, Pol is a self-taught painter.

Pol Ledent has a large collection of work for sale in his gallery on To see more and to purchase, please visit:

Walking aside her bike  by Pol Ledent
nude 569050 by Pol Ledent
Walking aside her bike
24 ” x 32“
US $1050
nude 569050
20 ” x 24“
US $750
castle of crupet by Pol Ledent
castle of crupet
32 ” x 28
US $1200
masbourg village ardenne
35 ” x 28
US $1300
Good morning sadness by Pol Ledent
Deshabille 569001 by Pol Ledent
Good morning sadness
16” x 20
US $500
Deshabille 569001
20” x 24
US $900
summer in chassepierre by Pol Ledent
Old house in Fall by Pol Ledent
summer in chassepierre
24” x 32
US $1050
Old house in Fall
16” x 20 “
US $500
two friends by Pol Ledent
Umbrella by Pol Ledent
two friends
32” x 40 “
US $1600
24” x 28 “
US $900

2 Comments leave one →
  1. March 19, 2010 2:12 pm

    Pol Ledent est un artiste vraiment talentueux et son travail mérite vraiment le coup d’oeil. J’ai découvert son travail il y a quelques mois sur une galerie d’art en ligne. Vous pouvezle découvrir sur son espace personnel et même acquérir ses oeuvres facilement: Bonne visite et bravo à l’artiste. Jacques Darbanc

  2. July 16, 2010 9:15 pm

    C’est vraiment superbe

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