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The Abstract Works of Tucson, Arizona Artist, Rebecca Bushner

October 14, 2009

large_Colorful-reb-05“The notion of reality and realism all depend on your perspective. My current paintings use the idea of reality to be so broad; it encompasses things that we cannot see with the naked eye.”

“What is seen at a macro level has much in common with what is perceivable at a quantum level. In my work, macro and micro become interchangeable as atoms collide and galaxies are formed; turbulence and structure undercut tactile surfaces where the paint itself is also the subject matter.”

“I often use mathematics in my work but in a way so that the viewer isn’t aware of the underlying order to what appears to be total chaos. Chaos itself is a mathematical construct, so randomness really doesn’t exist.”    ~Rebecca Bushner

To see more of Rebecca’s work and to purchase, please visit her artist gallery on

Primordial Sea: the Deep by Rebecca Bushner
Orb 1 by Rebecca Bushner
Primordial Sea: the Deep
48 ” x 48“
US $1200
Orb 1
24 ” x 24“
US $380
Cambrian Life by Rebecca Bushner
Crucible by Rebecca Bushner
Cambrian Life
48 ” x 30
US $950
48 ” x 30
US $950
Ammonoids by Rebecca Bushner
Sonoran Desert Storm by Rebecca Bushner
48 ” x 48
US $1200
Sonoran Desert Storm
36” x 48
US $900
House of the Spirits by Rebecca Bushner
Seraph by Rebecca Bushner
House of the Spirits
48 ” x 48 “
US $1200
48” x 48
US $1200
Small Yellow Grid by Rebecca Bushner
Triptych 2 by Rebecca Bushner
Small Yellow Grid
18 ” x 24
US $300
Triptych 2
20 ” x 12
US $300

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