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Internationally-Collected Visual Artist and Painter, Jason Brammer

October 10, 2009

large_Jason Brammer_HeadshotJason Brammer is an internationally collected artist, based in Chicago. Jason’s paintings are created with acrylic paint, transparent glazes, plasters, resins, and other media using a combination of airbrushing and traditional brush painting techniques. Over the years, his paintings have been inspired by industrial urban landscapes, graffiti, patterns in nature, Eastern art traditions, music, and spiritual iconography.

Brammer’s current series, called Remembering The Future, is a collection of pieces portraying a “photo-surrealistic” view of the future.

In addition to paintings, Jason does installations and murals. He has created mixed media, painting installations for art exhibitions as well as permanent site-specific installations for commercial spaces. Commissions are also available.

To view more of Jason Brammer’s work, and to purchase, please visit his gallery on

"The Future Seas IV" by Jason Brammer
The Future is Looking at My Pasture by Jason Brammer
“The Future Seas IV”
7 ” x 7
US $125
The Future is Looking at My Pasture
24 ” x 24
US $300
Sea Change by Jason Brammer
Ascension by Jason Brammer
Sea Change
9 ” x 27
US $225
10 ” x 30
US $600
Remembering the Future IV by Jason Brammer
Ascension II by Jason Brammer
Remembering the Future IV
36 ” x 18
US $900
Ascension II
24” x 12
US $600
"Leviathan" by Jason Brammer
Remembering the Future II by Jason Brammer
15 ” x 11
US $225
Remembering the Future II
24” x 24
US $300

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