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Fine Art Sculptures Combining Steel, Fused Glass, Wood, and Stone by Richard Altman

October 9, 2009

large_RA_Headshot-2Artist, Richard Altman, creates original fine and functional art using fused art-glass metal, wood and stone. Contemporary style, soft colors, texture, and dramatic design are the hallmarks of Altman’s glass art series.

Richard’s art career spans 30 years and encompasses a variety of experiences, throughout which two things have remained constant:

>Innovation and creative use of technology and materials

>Inspiration derived from the relationships between the light, shadow, color, and texture in the natural world.

In addition to being an extremely talented sculptor, Richard also has an MFA in Photography from ASU. He will be presenting and selling his unique, altered photography images on, as well.

“For me, it’s all about design. My pieces capitalize on the unique qualities of glass to transmit, reflect, and project light. The work is made to interact with surrounding surfaces through shadow, color, and design”, says Altman.

To view more of Richard Altman’s work and to purchase, please visit his gallery on

Lifeform by Richard Altman
Collage 2 by Richard Altman
16 ” x 42
US $2150
Collage 2
12 ” x 20
US $975
The Offering by Richard Altman
Desert Oracle by Richard Altman
The Offering
15 ” x 27
US $1100
Desert Oracle
6 ” x 35
US $1100
Desertscape 2 by Richard Altman
Conflicting Harmony by Richard Altman
Desertscape 2
8 ” x 21
US $675
Conflicting Harmony
8 ” x 19
US $675
Leaf by Richard Altman
Collage 1 by Richard Altman
24 ” x 16
US $1200
Collage 1
13 ” x 18
US $975
Sandstone Relic by Richard Altman
Desertscape 1 by Richard Altman
Sandstone Relic
8 ” x 20
US $675
Desertscape 1
8 ” x 18
US $650

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