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Unique and Decorative Abstract Artwork by Theo Dapore

October 6, 2009

Artist Theo Dapore has been making a living in the art field for over 30 years. He has represented himself exclusively online since August of 2005. Since being online, Dapore has sold over 500 paintings in 7 different countries, including Sweden, India, Mexico, Spain, Canada, Australia and the UK.

Theo Dapore has a very unique style. His collection of abstracts, florals and distinctive landscapes all share the common “movement and feeling” that is expressed in each of Dapore’s paintings.

“I use a lot of different items to make my paintings and have even been known to use a broom to paint with”, says Dapore.  “I am not locked into one set style and enjoy experimenting and creating new concepts with my artwork.”

The best news, you won’t have to take out a second mortgage to own one of Theo Dapore’s unique paintings. The average cost of his work is between $199 – $500.

To shop more of Theo Dapore’s work, visit his artist gallery on

Last Apple 284
24 ” x 24
US $299
Last Apple 288
24 ” x 25
US $349

Landscape 291
18 ” x 24
US $300
Abstract Thought 505
30 ” x 24
US $350

Abstract Thought 496
60 ” x 24
US $599
Abstract Thought 506
32 ” x 16
US $349

Landscape 276
32 ” x 16
US $249
Floral Fantasy 71
18 ” x 24
US $199
40 ” x 30
US $699
Landscape 308
66 ” x 24
US $499

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