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There is Something Magical About artist Tom Bund’s Work

October 6, 2009

There is something magical about Tom Bund’s artwork. Tom’s skill as a painter, and his inherit ability to experiment, drives his work to a level best described as masterful.

His eclectic body of work is fixed in the traditional media, such as Watercolour, Acrylics and Oil, but he does not attempt not to fall into confines of a “Style”. Rather, his work is a beautiful collection of paintings that simply leave the viewer in awe. Interior Designers, Artwork Collectors, Curators and Corporate Art Buyers need to become intimately familiar with Tom Bund’s paintings.

Below is a small, representative sample of Bund’s work. To see a full inventory of his paintings and to purchase, please visit his gallery on

Flemenco 09
31.5 ” x 43.3
US $2500
Tophat on Chair
24 ” x 31
US $900
Amalia II
20 ” x 40
US $1700
Making Bricks, Alentejo
15 ” x 27
US $700
Vexing the Lottery Seller
20 ” x 40
US $1100
Last Match II
11.8 ” x 19.7
US $900
23 ” x 43
US $1700
Flamenco 08
29.5 ” x 43.3
US $2500
15.4 ” x 43.3
US $1200
Yawning Shoes
9.8 ” x 32.6
US $900
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  1. November 24, 2009 6:52 am

    I highly enjoyed reading your post, keep on posting such exciting stuff!

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