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The Work of American Sculptor Sterett Gittings Kelsey

October 6, 2009

image.axdSterett Gittings Kelsey works primarily in bronze, with sculptures ranging from three inches to twenty two feet in height. She is the leading sculptor of dance in the world today.

The Kelsey sculptures are hand-made from start to finish. The transformation from Kelsey’s clay original, into a masterpiece in bronze, is a long and expensive process. A new ceramic mold is handmade for each sculpture. This mold is used only once. It is then destroyed in the casting process. There are about thirty five steps which each work passes through on the way to becoming a completed work of art.

Each sculpture bears the copyright symbol; the artist’s logo; the artist’s name; date of origin; the foundry mark and the edition number. The Kelsey bronzes are owned by major collectors and connoisseurs of  “Investment-Level Fine Art “. These masterworks in bronze can be found in more than 300 public and private collections worldwide.

To view more images for each of Sterett’s pieces featured below, please visit her gallery on

To inquire about any of Kelsey’s work, please contact Brian Walker at, either by email or phone:


Toll-Free: (877) 711-1167

File 154 Kasha-Bukowsky
34.25 ” x 78
US $500000
File 44 – The Orienteer of Pound Ridge
56 ” x 62
US $500000

File 249 Balanchine’s Dancer
36 ” x 62
US $500000
File 286 Summer
42 ” x 50
US $125000

File 253 Robert-Maiorano-NYC-Ballet
6 ” x 18
US $20000
File 286 Choreographer Jennifer Lacey of Paris
48 ” x 72
US $500000

File 227 Clara and Her Beloved Nutcracker
65 ” x 72
US $500000
File 208 Swan Lake’s Princess Odette
9.5 ” x 15
US $52000
File 162 Alexandra of Middle Patent
62 ” x 72
US $500000
File 221 Makarova’s-Marina-Maguire
7.5 ” x 11
US $20000

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