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Incredible Automobile Paintings by Artist, Michelle LaRae

October 6, 2009

Art has always been a part of my life. When I graduated from High School, art as a hobby was put aside as I pursued a college degree and a career in software development. While I continued to work in software full-time, I found myself creating art whenever I could. I have always dreamed of doing my art full-time. So, in February, 2007, I took this brave step. Now, I devote my summers to working in art full-time, and my winters to software contract work.

Considering all the demands that life puts on us, I strive to create peaceful, calming paintings — giving the viewer an opportunity to daydream. People often comment how much they would like to step into one of my paintings.

I balance light with shadows and combine soft hues and peaceful colors to produce a breathtaking effect. The viewer of my paintings is transported to another place.

Whenever an artist has to proclaim “this is not a photograph” about any of their paintings, you know you are dealing with a special talent. If you are a vintage car buff with a love for Model T’s, 1932 Fords, 55 Chevys or 1956 Cadillacs, then you need to see Michelle LaRae’s artwork.

To purchase any of LaRae’s wonderful work, please visit her gallery on

1956 Cadi Headlight
11 ” x 14
US $250
1956 Cadi Taillight
11 ” x 14
US $250
55 Chevy
14 ” x 11
US $450
32 Ford in Sepia
10 ” x 8
US $125
1928 Model A in Autumn
20 ” x 16
US $1300
Model T Parts
10 ” x 8
US $125

Going to the Beach in a 1940 Ford
20 ” x 25
US $2000
1956 Cadi Grill
28 ” x 14
US $450
Dana Point Sunset
30 ” x 24
US $2900
Laguna Lifeguard Tower
14 ” x 11
US $450

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