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Floral, Figurative and Landscape Artist Sandra Jackoboice

October 6, 2009

Like any successful artist, Sandy Jackoboice’s current working style is based on years of self-guided exploration. But Sandy is no self-taught amateur. Her formal artistic training began at Michigan State University and she earned a BA degree from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Since then, she has engaged in various postgraduate programs and studied with well-known American artists.

While florals are a favorite subject, Sandy is also known for figurative, landscape and wildlife works, as well. Her commissioned work (for private collectors or public display) features a full range of subject matter at the patron’s request.

“I don’t like to think of myself as a traditional ‘floral artist,'” says painter Sandy Jackoboice. “That implies a simply decorative motivation behind the work. I choose flowers because they are complex–strong yet subtle, and possessing a quiet drama.” Indeed, Sandy’s floral paintings are more like portraits, expressing not only form and color but also the unique personality and substance of the subject.

To view a full selection of Sandra Jackoboice’s paintings, and to purchase, visit her artist gallery on

27 ” x 31
US $1800
19 ” x 25
US $950

19 ” x 25
US $950
19 ” x 34
US $1600
32 ” x 24
US $1800
27 ” x 19.5
US $1400

12.5 ” x 19.5
US $900
13 ” x 18
US $900

15 ” x 30
US $1600
19.5 ” x 25
US $850

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