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October 6, 2009 is entering its second year of operation next month, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Our first year in business was full of ups and downs; lessons learned, Search Engine Optimization battles and improvements, frequent then infrequent sales, partnerships with a terrific group of Interior Designers, new artists joining, others leaving, and a whole host of first year business woes and pay-offs – all of this in a year when the art market saw some of its steepest declines in years.

We are more optimistic now about the success of and its associated artists than ever before.

Any first year business struggles to build its brand and make its way in the world, and this is especially true for first year Internet businesses that have to literally battle their way into public recognition and awareness on the web.  We have experimented with many different marketing initiatives this past year. Many worked; others did not. We now have a very clear vision of what it is going to take to make a household name for art buyers, collectors, designers and artists.

At the end of the day, and all else equal, we experienced an enormous success in our first year of operation.

This success is fueling a renewed passion and commitment from all of us here at It is our goal to be one of the most sought-after and recognized art marketplaces on the World Wide Web. And recent events at the end of this fiscal year have paved the way and made us even more poised to take on the challenges of the coming year and to reach our goals for our artists and the business as a whole.

We want every single artist on our site to make sales through We are banking on it. With over 17 million dollars worth of high-quality paintings, photographs and sculptures on the site, you can bet that sales are top of mind around here. Sales of our artist’s works will help us to pay down the enormous personal investment we put into this company.

We want nothing more than for to become a viable source of income for all of our artists, and for us. This is entirely possible if we all work together to spread the word about the site and if our artists will follow a few basic principles for success:

  1. Upload a new piece of work to your gallery on at least once per week. This will keep Google coming back to index our site and gobble up the new info related to your work. Frequency is the key here. Do not expect to upload a few pieces of artwork, walk away and expect a miracle to take place. This is a business that requires constant involvement.
  2. Write great descriptions about piece of your work. These descriptions should be full of relevant keywords that not only describe exactly what a buyer should expect, but will also serve to give Google and other search engines fuel for search.
  3. Complete your Artist Studio Page. I cannot reiterate this enough. We have reminded artists about this critical page for months now. Please utilize every single toll we have provided.
  4. Push buyers to your gallery on Everyone benefits from this extremely simple step towards your success. Make people aware of your association with We have setup a safe a secure way for you to transact art sales on our site. Take advantage of it. Drive people to your gallery on the site. Don’t assume that buyers, who most artists send directly to their own personal websites, want to deal with having to “contact the artist for prices and sales information” when sent to your personal site. Let your personal site serve as an added marketing tool for you. Use as the vehicle to transact your sales, safely and securely.

Here’s to an incredible second year for and its artists. We are honored to be working with you and want you to know just how hard we are working to make the site, and you, an incredible success in the coming year.

Most sincerely,

Owner, Brian Walker

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