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Contemporary Abstract Art for Home or Office by Jessica Torrant

October 6, 2009

Filled with color and bursting with energy, the art of Jessica Torrant stands as a testament to the love of fluidity and passion. Her paintings hang on the walls of homes, businesses, and galleries worldwide.

Jessica is a prolific artist that is constantly pushing boundaries and discovering new ways to express her delight in the world surrounding her and the worlds within.

Her abstract paintings are almost like a secret language, decoded in new and different ways by every single viewer.

It is her intention and greatest joy to create art that moves people and reminds them of the magic and mystery of Life.

To view all of Jessica Torrant’s work, please visit her gallery on

I Keep You in My Heart
18 ” x 24
US $200
Greatest Aspirations
18 ” x 24
US $200
Take Me There
24 ” x 24
US $280
Somewhere Called Happiness
8 ” x 8
US $80
Horizon Line 1
36 ” x 24
US $380
Horizon Line 2
36 ” x 24
US $380

Blast of Inspiration
16 ” x 20
US $170
Why Not
30 ” x 40
US $500
Orange Sun
20 ” x 16
US $170
Drifting Through Time
28 ” x 9
US $170

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