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Award-Winning Photographer Leslie Harris

October 6, 2009

Fine Art photographer Leslie Harris has been shooting all sorts of formats for over 25 years now. Her work focuses primarily on terrific still life and landscape photography, with special attention given to black and white images.

Leslie’s interesting and compelling series of photographs evoke a sense of the surreal, and at times, are a bit haunting. Her fine art photographs are ideal for those wishing to decorate their homes or offices with pieces of art that are both eye-catching and memorable.

To view Leslie Harris’ photography and to purchase, please visit her gallery on

16 ” x 20
US $390
20 ” x 16
US $390
Boathouse Lake
20 ” x 16
US $390
Christmas in Rochester
20 ” x 16
US $390
Crandon Park and Birds
20 ” x 16
US $390
20 ” x 16
US $390
Horse Training
20 ” x 16
US $390
Moon, Penland
20 ” x 16
US $390
Santa Cruz Mountains
20 ” x 16
US $390
Snowstorm Cades Cove
24 ” x 18
US $125

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  1. John Green permalink
    October 23, 2009 11:25 am

    I have one of Leslie’s large format photographs in my collection. It is a large (45″ X 55″)print. When I saw the incredible detail in a print that large I had to have one. You really have to see the images in person, to get the full impact of her work and realize her outstanding talent.

  2. October 23, 2009 9:04 pm

    I am particularly impressed with “Boathouse Lake” because of Leslie Harris’ use of strong contrasts in the composition. The strong use of black and white intensifies the drama in the photograph and yet the composition is very calm. In all of the photos on this page, Ms. Harris seems to balance a certain drama with serenity. These are wonderful landscapes. She is able to capture moments that most people would never even notice. Ms. Harris is a truly gifted artist/photographer.


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