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Artworks Using Natural Materials by Artist Kurt Merkel

October 6, 2009

My first series of work was created in what the early surrealists called ‘automatism’. That is, beginning a work without any preconceived notion and letting the hand paint freely what the intuition feels. These paintings revealed the intangible energy, the inner movement and complexities of the subject. These were paintings strong with emotion and state of being.

My approach has evolved. I now begin each painting by not only relying on the strength of my intuition, but by studying the nature of the wood’s grain. It speaks to me, and together, the painting is conceived. I’m currently working on new Mixed-media, dimensional artworks, combining acrylics, metal, glass, and wood. Regardless, each work of art maintains its intrinsic appeal, “Transparency”… allowing the viewer to see, hear, feel beneath the surface – bonding with the subject with increasing intensity.

The intrinsic appeal of my work is its graceful and powerful composition… the rhythms and flow of energy expressed with the poetic calligraphy lines.

Complemented by the wood’s grain, it too, reveals similar rhythms and flow of energy. And its relationship with my painting has grown deeper and deeper. This energy is similar in all of us and these compositions will resonate with you on a conscious and subconscious level.

To view and purchase any of Kurt Merkel’s wonderful artwork, please visit his gallery on

Girl of My Dreams / 3
24 ” x 24
US $1850
24 ” x 24
US $2200
Family / Print
24 ” x 24
US $120
The Hero / Original
24 ” x 24
US $900

Eternal Spirit / 11
24 ” x 36
US $1850
Eternal Spirit / 10
30 ” x 37
US $1200

Eternal Spirit / 2
16 ” x 37
US $900
Eternal Spirit / 11
16 ” x 37
US $900
SoulMates / 12 x 12
12 ” x 12
US $250
12 ” x 12
US $350

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