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Contemporary Expressionist Artist Andrea Harris: Paintings Inspired by Nature & Humanity

October 5, 2009

Andrea Harris is an expressionist artist educated at the School of the Art Institute, Chicago. She works in a variety of media including oil, acrylic, ink wash, mixed media, and collage. Collections of Andrea’s paintings have been exhibited in public venues, museums and galleries and have been considered influential in humanitarian and environmental sectors.

Harris’ artwork has evolved as being centered on observations of nature and humanity. Because we are elements of society, her work also examines our cultural role – especially as seen in current events. The dichotomy between what we are and how we act is central to her work. This is a theme Harris has approached for some time, for example – her “Women of Courage: Beyond Boundaries” a monumental and ongoing portrait project that celebrates women who have inspired others to pursue their dreams. This traveling exhibition is a poignant series that focuses on portraits of women who inspire us.

To purchase any of Andrea Harris’ work, please visit her gallery on

Winter Light
48 ” x 48
US $4200
Autumn Forest
30 ” x 30
US $3000

Birch Reflections
24 ” x 48
US $3200
Winter Birch
24 ” x 48
US $3200
Lush Forest
36 ” x 36
US $3500
24 ” x 24
US $1800
Summer Birch
30 ” x 30
US $3000
Beyond the Clearing
12 ” x 12
US $825
Autumn Light
48 ” x 48
US $4200
Purple Haze
16 ” x 16
US $950

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