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A Special Offer for Twitter Artists and Photographers

September 28, 2009

DABadgeJuly2008j0442355As one of our followers on Twitter, you’re aware of just how actively we promote the work of our artists and photographers, and how consistently we encourage buyers to purchase original art directly from artists, instead of buying “department store” art.

The result of our marketing and promotion efforts on Twitter, and numerous other social networking sites, has been incredibly successful.  Art buyer visits to are at an all-time high and we’ve set artwork sales records for the second month in a row.

We work hard for our members because we firmly believe that artists and photographers deserve, and need, a third-party promoting their work. It’s difficult to promote yourself – to “toot your own horn” – and so much better to be represented!

So, if you’re interested in getting some serious help promoting your artwork, please consider joining  To make this as compelling as possible, here’s what we’ll do for you over the next 12 months:

  • We’ll market you and your work on Twitter as you upload new pieces to your gallery. As you load new pieces, we’ll promote each via a Tweet.
  • Beyond Twitter, we’ll promote you and your work across all the various social networking sites where we have a presence.
  • We’ll feature you on the homepage, after you’ve established your gallery with us.
  • We’ll create a special search page on that features you and your work, and then promote this page across many online social networking sites.
  • PLUS, We’ll give you 10 days to try us out for free – just so you can see how effective our marketing efforts truly are.

As a result of our promotional efforts on your behalf, we guarantee that your work will receive more individual views than you’ve ever received on any other online gallery or website (including your own), period. All of this for a special, low annual membership fee of just $45. You create. We market. That’s always been our mission here at Take advantage of our special offer, and have a blast watching your views and sales reach an all-time high.

Note: There is no limit! You can display any number of pieces of art for sale. You can upload your entire portfolio, or gradually build your online Gallery by adding pieces of art over time. You can keep your art in your studio until it sells and even continue to exhibit and sell at art shows. If you sell artwork in galleries or on your personal website, just temporarily unlist it or mark it sold. You can easily list it again or add new pieces of art as your inventory of available work changes.

Here’s how to get started:

9-28-2009 6-27-41 PMVisit and create an account.

9-28-2009 6-28-17 PMSelect the “The Twitter Artist Special membership plan.

9-28-2009 6-28-46 PMStart building your online gallery and profile with We’ll begin marketing your work from the very first piece you upload to the site.

That’s it! We’re very eager to work with you this year. As soon as you create your account with us, we’ll send you a welcome email, as well as a series of tutorial videos that will help you get started using as an online vehicle for selling your work.

If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly:


Toll-Free: (877) 711-1167

Most Sincerely,

The Team

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