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The “Hopper-esque” Paintings of Artist David Arsenault: Frozen Moments in Time

September 27, 2009

image.axdArtist David Arsenault strives to describe moments of shared human experience by expressing the transformational qualities of light, a sense of deeply personal solitude, and the elusive “frozen moment in time.” As with all artists, he relies on you, the viewer, to engage your unique thoughts, dreams, feelings, and experiences to complete the pictures in new and unexpected ways.

It’s not surprising that the Wall Street Journal has said: “Some of Mr. Arsenault’s paintings could pass for works by Edward Hopper.”  He uses large shapes and dramatic lighting with strong color contrasts in creating a compelling sense of mood, time and place. Each piece presents a private, quiet contemplation of the simple beauty of everyday existence.

David was first inspired by art in 1970 when he discovered a reproduction of Edward Hopper’s painting “Gas” in a grade school library book. It wasn’t until the early ‘90s, however, when a professor in his graphics program reintroduced him to Hopper’s work; it was the he decided to study painting, especially Hopper.

To view and purchase David Arsenault’s terrifically realistic artwork, please visit his gallery on

Apartment by the Sea
10 ” x 10
US $100
Cape Cod Bays
12 ” x 12
US $125
Life on the Edge
48 ” x 14
US $1700
Motel Five
40 ” x 15
US $2000
Upstairs, Downstairs
36 ” x 24
US $2800
36 ” x 24
US $300

Just Passing By
30 ” x 40
US $3200
Motel Meeting, Night
30 ” x 40
US $2850
Sun Baked
48 ” x 24
US $300
The Big Picture
40 ” x 20
US $100

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