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The Fine Art Photography of Victor Palagano

September 26, 2009

Victor Palagano began to pursue photography as a means of self-expression in 2002.

In January 2008 Victor decided to pursue photography full-time and shortly thereafter the universe assisted by orchestrating events that would be the catapult for this transformation. Now, in addition to his fine art photography, Victor is actively working on commercial and editorial photographic projects as a full-time freelance photographer. His fine art photography has been featured in several magazines including, Black & White and Orange County’s Best; and his self-portrait, entitled “Detached”, was featured on the cover of Focus Fine Art Photography magazine.

His limited edition prints can be found in galleries and in private collections. In 2007 he brought his music background and his photography together, photographing bands and other music- related subjects.

To view and purchase Victor Palagano’s work, visit his photographer’s gallery:

9 ” x 12
US $200
Belly of the Beast
9 ” x 12
US $150

Four Benches
9 ” x 12
US $240
American Babysitter
12 ” x 9
US $260

18 ” x 11.4
US $200
9 ” x 12
US $240

Forgotten Melody
12 ” x 9
US $260
12 ” x 9
US $260

12.5 ” x 18
US $100
16 ” x 12
US $260

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