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Fine Artist Giorgio Tuscani Caters to the Hollywood Elite

September 26, 2009

The mesmerizing paintings of fine artist Giorgio Tuscani can be found in the private collections of some of Hollywood’s most elite actors and actresses.  Tuscani’s high-end artworks have the characteristics of Old World master paintings and revolve around the artist’s primary themes of the Human Soul and Unconditional Love.

In Gorgio’s own words, “The techniques in my paintings are many, but there is only one subject matter that I am most intrigued with and that is the Soul. And what is more beautiful and more complex than the human body which houses your Soul. So, the majority of my paintings will be that of the human body.”

“My art focuses on what the world is in desperate need of and that is “Unconditional Love.” Through my art, I can take the world to a place of romance, kindness, a place of Unconditional Love. I can take the world to a place where the Soul is illuminated through my poetry and art”, says Tuscani.

For more information about Giorgio Tuscani’s fine art, please contact Brian Walker at

Email: or Toll-Free: (877) 711-1167.

My Soul Seeks For What My Heart Lost
30 ” x 56
US $18500
Unveiled Beauty
30 ” x 52
US $18500

Follwing A Path Not Taken By Mortals
25 ” x 37
US $10500
Love And Only Love Can Make My Soul Take Flight
41 ” x 47.5
US $14500

Only ONE Illuminates My Soul II
33.2 ” x 45.5
US $15000
The Tears Of Heaven
35 ” x 55
US $10500

I Have Waited By These Steps Alone
34 ” x 49
US $700
The Heart Finds Peace Through Love
37 ” x 54
US $550

If you Loved with your Heart You would not Hate with your Thoughts
39 ” x 54
US $550
You Have Stolen My Heart…Frozen I Will Be Until You Return To Me
24 ” x 36
US $450

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