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Contemporary Bronze Figurative Sculpture by Gregory Reade

September 26, 2009

large_greade_sculpt_800Gregory Reade is a full time, bronze figurative sculptor living in San Diego, California. His sculptures typically reveal the inner thoughts and emotions of his subjects, as well as their physical attitudes.

“I often start my work simply, as an idea or single term I’m attempting to capture. I first make a quick macquette (small sculpture) as a preliminary model. Then I create a larger 1/4 life size clay sculpture using my knowledge of anatomy. I sometimes use live models, as well”, comments Reade. Gregory uses the classical “Lost Wax” process of casting his original clay molds into its final bronze end product. “Producing sculpture in limited editions allows me to keep costs down”, say Reade.

To purchase Gregory Reade’s work, please visit his gallery on

7 ” x 9.5
US $2350
Grand Finale
14 ” x 12.5
US $2700
Pushing the Limits
24 ” x 20
US $3900
Heightening Expectations
20 ” x 14
US $3900

Navigating the Course
17 ” x 26
US $3900
Jesse, male figure study
8 ” x 15
US $1900

Inner Turmoil
17 ” x 17
US $5800
9 ” x 15
US $2450

8 ” x 19
US $1500
23 ” x 15
US $1500

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