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Charcoal and Erasure Artwork by Artist Terra Fine

September 26, 2009

Terra Fine’s work is influenced by the overlooked, ignored, and forgotten elements of life, moments and people taken for granted in our hyper-active society. Using multiple media, from charcoal to photography to installation, Fine provides an intimate atmosphere for reflection, discussion, and ultimately, change.

Fine was born and raised in rural northern Minnesota, near the small town of Nevis. Living among this isolated natural splendor gave rise to Fine’s keen observation skills, attention to detail, respect of all life, and sensual style.

Traveling for many years, Fine eventually went on to earn a B.A. in Fine Art, with an emphasis in sculpture and a minor in psychology from Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA. To compliment her formal art education, Fine also apprenticed with artist Scott Jensen, a wood-carver for over 30 years, specializing in the native Northwest Coastal Tlingit design and tool use.

To purchase Terra Fine’s remarkable charcoal works, please visit her gallery on

Who Loves a Garden Still His Eden Keeps
39 ” x 21
US $1200
Doorway to Morocco
37 ” x 23
US $900

Liquid Ecstasy
21 ” x 14
US $600
Within a Thing of Beauty I See You, My Beloved
33 ” x 23
US $900

21 ” x 17
US $700
Mountain of Hope
30 ” x 22
US $900

The Fisherman’s Wife
43 ” x 29
US $1500
I’m Fine. You.
30 ” x 42
US $1200

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