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An Example of Smart Co-Marketing: Artists & Interior Designers Join Forces Online

September 26, 2009

Interior Designers can now set up shop smack dab in the middle of online art gallery,, populated with artwork by amazingly talented, independent artists.

It’s a match made in heaven that brings together art sellers and art buyers who share a common goal: Reach thousands of people who have a passion for art and who want to create beautiful home décors.

Finding and reaching qualified clients is a full time job for interior designers. The same is true for artists, who many will tell you, prefer to create art rather than market it. So, it makes perfect sense to join forces and capitalize on the synergies created by marrying visual artists with interior design professionals.

9-26-2009 7-42-50 PMAnd, it’s more than a marriage of convenience.  It’s a marriage of necessity.  That’s because the market for buying artwork and design services is not defined by a particular demographic. It’s defined by a desire. In fact, you could call it a behavior or an interest, and for some, a passion. But, bottom line is that it’s a want, not a need.

So, the market is a moving target that can land you anywhere. People who have a burning desire to live and work in beautifully decorated spaces can be found among young, urban singles, well heeled seniors, empty nesters, soccer moms, business owners … you name it!

As a result, marketing to a behavior is extremely difficult because it’s impossible to narrow the target. You need to reach thousands of people to find the few among them who are motivated to purchase art and willing to spend money on design services.

9-26-2009 7-44-01 PMGenerating that kind of reach requires a full time marketing effort and hefty ad budget on a scale with’s ongoing direct marketing program. Unlike an individual artist or designer website, the art marketplace delivers the targeted traffic and click through volume that produces results for artists, and is poised to do the same for Interior Designers.

The website’s direct marketing efforts aimed at high income earners, home decorating enthusiasts, art buyers and collectors is beginning to pay off in increased traffic and art sales. Both have doubled over the past month and continue to increase weekly. is a curated online art marketplace for buying and selling wall art, fine art photography and art objects. Professional emerging and established, independent artists who create artworks suitable for home décor are invited to join the site. Artists pay an annual fee ranging from $59 to $99 to post an unlimited number of artworks on the online gallery. offers artists marketing services, tools for managing their portfolios, and a secure shopping cart where buyers can purchase art using a major credit card.

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Interior Designers may register at

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