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Contemporary Abstract Encaustics for the Office by Linda Benton McCloskey

September 26, 2009

image.axd“I paint because not to paint is unthinkable. Painting completes me and truly is my life’s passion.” -Linda Benton McCloskey

Although she has no formal education in the art field, Linda Benton McCloskey has studied under famous international artists, such as: Pat Dews, Betsy Dillard-Stroud, Karlyn Holman, George James, Gerald Brommer, Carrie Burns Brown, and Mary Todd Beam. Linda is a teacher of experimental water media, collage, abstract design, and encaustic.

Linda enjoys discovering creative ways of expression and totally keeps traditional rules of painting out of the picture. Since she loves to vary her palette of colors and new approaches, Linda’s most recent works are experimental water media (abstract), mixed media, and encaustic (beeswax) with lots of texture and exciting color. Diversity with all its fascinating choices intrigues her and is evident in her work.

Since Linda begins a new work without a preconceived outcome in mind, she simply begins painting and then intuition, love, desire, and experience take over. As she begins to see images, she develops them further. No matter what the results, the works take Linda to a new destination.

After changing careers and researching her family’s history, Linda discovered that Thomas Hart Benton (an American Regionalist Painter 1889-1975) was her great uncle.

To view more and to buy Linda Benton McCloskey’s work, please visit her gallery on

Through The Looking Glass
28 ” x 36
US $1200
Steppin’ Up
28 ” x 36
US $1400

The Finish Line
20 ” x 20
US $1400
Sedona Red
30 ” x 30
US $1600

Evening Grace
18 ” x 18
US $1400
Earth Matters
16 ” x 16
US $600

All Things Remembered
28 ” x 36
US $1200
28 ” x 36
US $1400

24 ” x 30
US $1500
36 ” x 28
US $1400

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  1. Kadodrodund permalink
    September 9, 2010 2:32 am

    What a blogpost!! Very interesting… Looking for more posts like this!! Do you have twitter or an RSS feed?
    Anyway thank you for this blog.

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