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The Work of Italian Artist Enrico Camporese

September 25, 2009

image.axdEnrico Camporese was born in Venice in 1945. He has worked in the field of visual communication since 1975, as a photographer and graphic designer, collaborating with several well-known Italian companies.

Beginning in 1994, he started painting. His paintings are influenced by artists such as Barnett Newman, Ad Reinhardt and Mark Rothko, but he deploys a different interpretation of campiture-color in his paintings, giving his work a three-dimensional perception.

Enrico Camporese exploits the formal and technical experience he has gained so far as an artist, focusing primarily on variable scale perceptions, optical dynamics and three-dimensional color. The result is a body of work ideal for fine art collectors, office decor, Interior Designers and anyone who appreciates beautifully unique pieces of art for their home.

Enrico lives and works in Venice, Italy. To see more of his work, and to purchase, please visit his artist gallery on

lightbox_Polimini lightbox_r
11.8 ” x 17.7 ”
US $600
The ring
11.8 ” x 17 ”
US $650
lightbox_DI lightbox_2) VQ
Unexpressed desire
39 ” x 39 ”
US $2500
Daily violence
39 ” x 39 ”
US $2500
lightbox_Eclipse 10 lightbox_MOON 1
Eclipse # 10
17.7 ” x 11.8 ”
US $700
17.7 ” x 11.8 ”
US $700
lightbox_HieronT lightbox_DSC00266
Hyeronimus #3
27 ” x 19 ”
US $1400
11 ” x 17 ”
US $800
lightbox_ the half black moon lightbox_Black box
Half black moon
14.9 ” x 12.5 ”
US $600
Black box
11.8 ” x 17.7 ”
US $600


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