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Lithuania-Born Painter Arturas Slapsys Aims to Astound

November 29, 2010

Arturas Slapsys

Lithuania-born artist Arturas Slapsys never ceases to amaze. His eclectic body of work is certain to please collectors with an eye for diversity.

Sometimes “old-world” traditional, other times distinctly modern, Slapsys is an artist with immense range.

His latest offerings demonstrate this multiplicity; and offer art buyers an immensely wide array of choice. Arturas’ paintings are highly collectible and promise to increase in value – so buy what you love from this gifted painter.

Featured below are an assortment of Slapsys paintings, all representing different styles and price points.

Alchemist by Arturas Slapsys

Lost city by Arturas Slapsys

Last Stand by Arturas Slapsys

Watcher by Arturas Slapsys

Fatally Wounded by Arturas Slapsys

Thanksgiving Day Sale for Italian Photographer, Gianni Fardelli

November 26, 2010

Gianni Fardelli

Italian photographer, Gianni Fardelli, had one more thing to be thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday: a sale on!

Gianni sold one of his gorgeous landscape images to a buyer in Southern California. The piece, entitled “Devil’s Marbles”, is a limited edition, signed and numbered fine art print presented on heavy-weight professional satin paper. It’s a fantastic panoramic image sized at 48×16″.

Room View of Gianni Fardelli's "Devil's Marbles"

"Devil's Marbles"

Gianni Fardelli’s work is not limited to traditional landscape photography. He also produces a series of ultra-modern, supremely decorative abstract images based on nature. These are a few our favorite pieces from Fardelli’s series:

Water-Acqua #5 by Gianni Fardelli

Water-Acqua #3 by Gianni Fardelli

New Paintings from Las Vegas Artist Niki Sands

November 22, 2010

Artist, Niki Sands

Artist Niki Sands is a masterful painter. Her work represents some of the most important Contemporary Fine Art today. Unbelievably, Sands is a self-taught artist – remarkable given the complexity and maturity of her compelling paintings.

Her pieces are rich in color and are born of the artist’s continual experimentation with various styles and techniques.

Niki works with both oils and acrylics to create her passion-filled, wonderful work. Niki’s art is collected throughout the United States, as well as Canada and Europe.

Her artwork is unusual, beautiful, cutting-edge and highly collectible. Interior Designers…take notice. Your clients will love you for introducing Niki Sands to their projects.

Niki’s work can be seen and purchased in her gallery on


Kaliopi by Niki Sands

Artful Love by Niki Sands

Juntemente by Niki Sands


Six new “sexy” images of Russian super-model Daria from London fashion photographer, Clive Arrowsmith

November 22, 2010

Clive Arrowsmith

London fashion photographer Clive Arrowsmith is back with six new and fairly racy images of Russian super-model, Daria.

The series truly shows-off Clive’s talent as a fashion photographer. The lighting and staging on all of these images is top-level professional.

Enough from me. On to the images…

Daria 1 by Clive Arrowsmith

Daria 2 by Clive Arrowsmith

Daria 3 by Clive Arrowsmith

Daria 4 by Clive Arrowsmith

Daria 5 by Clive Arrowsmith

Daria 6 by Clive Arrowsmith

Pomeranian Artist Anselm Bonies Unveils New Body of Work

November 15, 2010
Pomeranian Artist, Anselm Bonies

Anselm Bonies

After recovering from a selling-spree that left him with 99% of his art inventory sold, Pomeranian abstract artist Anselm Bonies has been back in the studio creating a new, fresh body of work that will undoubtedly please his ever-growing group of buyers and collectors.

Creating and then selling over 50 original abstract paintings over the course of just a few months would leave any seasoned art professional a bit tuckered. But Anslem Bonies is back with a vengeance, unveiling a new series of work, that in this curator’s opinion, takes the artist to an entirely different level.

His new pieces are bigger, bolder, more refined and come with a significantly higher price tag. Given that Anselm has catered primarily to corporate and office art buyers, it will be interesting to see how his new work and higher prices are received.

So far, Anselm has made just three new pieces available in his gallery – with many more promised over the coming weeks. We have included images of these pieces below.

Waiting Woman - Abstract wall object by Anselm Bonies

"Waiting Woman" by Anselm Bonies

Body Index IX Girlfriend by Anselm Bonies

"Body Index IX Girlfriend" by Anselm Bonies

Thing big - Faith & Hope by Anselm Bonies

"Thing Big - Faith & Hope" by Anselm Bonies

Popular Welsh Artist, Goff Danter, Now Offering Limited Edition Prints of His Sold-Out Paintings

November 10, 2010

Goff Danter

Prolific and extremely popular Welsh artist Goff Danter is now making many of his paintings available as limited edition prints – just 50 prints per painting.

Goff is in a very unusual position as an artist. Due to popularity, his work has steadily risen in value and continues to do so. New paintings are eagerly anticipated by an avid group of collectors and enthusiasts, regularly being sold out within a day or even hours.

Many now regard Goff Danter’s paintings as sound investment opportunities for the future, and clamor for his originals.

Supply of Goff’s originals is limited, due to high demand. In order to offer his customers selection, he constantly provides a diverse range of images and subjects to cater for a wide range of collectors.

We are honored to have the opportunity to market and sell a terrific selection of Goff Danter limited edition prints on And given that Goff’s originals sell in the mid to upper thousands of dollars, we think it absolutely amazing that Goff is offering his high-quality, limited edition prints to the rest of us for just around $100.

Here are just a few samples of what is now available from artist Goff Danter. To see the full collection of prints, please visit Goff’s gallery on


In the Backroom by Goff Danter

In the Backroom, by Goff Danter

Big Step by Goff Danter

Big Step, by Goff Danter

Hot Dogs by Goff Danter

Hot Dogs, by Goff Danter





London Fashion Photographer, Clive Arrowsmith, Releases New Work to his Gallery

November 8, 2010

Clive Arrowsmith

Whenever Clive Arrowsmith releases new images to us to market on, I instantly feel a sense of peace – as if all the elements have fallen into perfect place and once again the world is harmony-filled.

A bit dramatic, I know. But, who could blame me? Clive Arrowsmith is one of Britain’s most revered fashion, beauty and portrait photographers. He has photographed a plethora of “A-List” artists, including Art Garfunkel, Fleetwood Mac, Boz Scaggs, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, David Bowie, Kate Bush, Wings, Jamirequi, Lee Griffiths, and many others.

And we’re darn proud to have the opportunity to be one of the galleries to display, promote and sell Clive’s work.

In fact, the very last sale made on was one of Clive’s pieces featuring George Harrison and Ravi Shankar – sold to The Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai.

Clive Arrowsmith has released 12 new images for sale on I have included a few of these below.

Please take a moment to browse Clive’s entire gallery:

All pieces are available in multiple sizes and price-points. Please contact me directly with any inquiries.

Paul McCartney Portrait | Wings Period by Clive Arrowsmith

Girl With Spinning Wheel by Clive Arrowsmith

Profile in Purple by Clive Arrowsmith

Brian Walker, Owner








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